Friday, June 8, 2007

Good Intentions Gone Awry

I meant to write an entry last night about my recent knitting and post some pictures of it but I went shopping instead so you'll have to just enjoy a picture of the Superstition Mountains with snow. We had an unusually cold winter and even saw snow in the Valley. Pretty cool huh?

But I digress...

I went shopping last night to get a birthday present for my friend Lytifa. Her birthday was 3 weeks ago but we couldn't get together until this weekend. The night before her birthday her kitchen got burned up. Her husband was making dinner and went outside while the pan was heating for chops. Their daughter even commented on smelling smoke but he assured her that a neighbor was grilling. No such luck. She lost a lot of kitchen stuff so birthday gifts are to help make up for that. I went to Ikea where I knew I could get a lot of stuff for cheap. They had utensil sets for $0.59 both wood and plastic. And silicon spatulas for 50 cents each. What a bargain.

Want to feel old? Lytifa was born almost 2 weeks after I got my driver's license. Her daughter is about a month older than your DS.

We are also meeting Julie. All three of us worked at MI together and quit/were fired within about 2 weeks. Julie grew up in Baraboo, in fact her family farm is right next to the east entrance to Devil's Lake. She moved out here about the same time I did. Before I meet them for lunch I'm going to the Phoenix gathering for World Wide Knit in Public Day down at the

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