Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hi Cindy,

As promised here are a few pictures of the cactus growing in our yard. These are cholla along with a few agave. We got these about 4 years ago from DH's parents and they have gone while. Right now they are covered with a whole host of little white eggs. We had the same last year. Shortly they will probably hatch into little red bugs. We need to clear out some of the cholla as they've grown too close together. The agave also seem to die back when they get too large.

I'm calling this picture Inspiration. I have some Brown Sheep yarn I got at Goodwill in Yuma that is going to be transformed. Think 1-2 ribbing and a bobble or two. (Finally a good use for a bobble!) The tall center one was already planted when we moved in but the other two were the small cactus that you can buy in some of the drug stores down here. The scale is hard to tell but the bottom of that beam is probably at 5 feet high or so, I have to slightly duck under it. The brown band near the top of the right one is where it got touched by our freezes this winter. The small one on the left also lost a foot or two off the top due to the cold weather but is now growing back.

Here is the last picture from the front yard. The tree in the background is an olive tree. We've never cured the fruit but DH wants to try it some time. Mostly it just makes a big mess from the purple fruit and the little leaves. The ferny looking flowered plant at the center is a Mexican Bird of Paradise. It came up as a "volunteer" from our neighbor's plant. It is really pretty. The ironic thing is that it came up right about where there was a regular bird of paradise planted when we moved in. It was not a xeriscape friendly plant. You can also see the lantana and Texas Ranger/sage plant that has taken over our "flower" bed. Nice and natural and not too much work, just occasional trimming and watering.

The weather forecast for the next week is nothing but HOT. Highs between 111 and 114 the whole time with nightly lows in the mid to upper 80's. No wonder the pool is so warm.

I guess I'd better close up and practice spinning some more. Take care, A

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Cindy said...

Great pics. I was LOL about the bobble remark! And yes, your pool looks very inviting in your prev. post!!

BTW, I don't get the crossed tools icon so maybe I don't have admin privilege . . . ? No biggie but that's my guess.