Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Second wheel attempt

Hi Cindy,

Here's my second attempt. I had much better luck this week. I'm getting better on the drafting and the wheel was happy too. It still was thin and thick but at least I got it to pull onto the bobbin. It wasn't wanting to do that last week. Last night I used a little Ashford portable. If I ever thought about getting a wheel I'd seriously consider this one. Next week's class will be in the new store location and we'll try different wheels from the ones we've used the last 2 weeks. We'll also learn a couple of plying methods.

I bought a batt of purple last night, the same as what was in our fiber pack to start. I figured that way I'll have enough to actually make something in the end. Fiber isn't included on the moving sale but I still got the student discount.

More pictures soon, A

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