Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hi Cindy!

Do you remember in high school a few statements I made that started with the phrase "I'll never..."? Invariably within a couple years (or less) whatever that statement was ended up being exactly what I did. Most specifically I remember being at a college fair our junior year and looking at all the different UW campuses. I think either you or Jackie wanted to go by the UW-Milwaukee booth I uttered the phrase "I don't need to got to that booth, I'll never go there." And less than 2 years later that's exactly where I ended up. I may have said something similar about Madison too.

After those 2 incidents of regretting stuff that came out of my mouth I've been pretty good about avoiding making those absolute statements. However, I almost uttered one recently after I signed up for the spinning class, something about never getting a wheel. I think that has changed. It won't be anytime soon but probably in the next several months.

Class finished up last night. We spun some more and then learned how to ply it. Here is my plied yarn. I'm really happy with it. Kinda looks like one of those expensive art yarns, don't you think? I had to celebrate with a glass of sangria when I got home.

Of the 5 of us in class, four are wanting to continue more with it but not call it an intermediate class, perhaps something like beginning 1.5. The teacher is game if at least 2-3 of us will sign up for it. Three of us put our name on the list. The fourth wants to come in and use the wheels but not pay for a class. We talked about it a little bit and it could start as early as next Thursday. It would probably be more informal and we'd buy our own fibers rather than have them provided. I'm thinking it will be a good time to practice more, figure out a wheel I might want and start experimenting with fibers.

The weather here is still HOT. When I got in the car yesterday to go to class the temp inside the garage was 108. By the time I got to class it read 112 (@6:20 pm) and still read that at 9 when I got out. DH got the Polly pump hooked up Monday and it is running fine. We got in for a while yesterday afternoon. The water temp was about 86, just where I like it. Doesn't it look inviting? Almost all the dust is gone, now it's just bread and cat food that the birds drop in (yummy). The neighbor lady feeds stray cats and must put out 5 pounds of food a day, a lot of it just on the other side of the fence from our pool.

I guess I'll close this now. I'll have pictures of our cactus and Mexican Bird of Paradise soon. Stay cool! A

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