Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Signs of summer

Convertibles are popping up all over, it's hot enough to run through the sprinkler . . . it must be summer in Wisconsin. That means strawberry time! We got 12 quarts from a farm (DD & me, DS in school 'til Friday midmorning) for jam, freezing, & eating. Yum. They picked 'em for us; we aren't quite up for u-pick yet but I'm looking forward to that one of these years.

Thursday is DH's birthday. I realized we ordered his present too late to get here by tomorrow, so we switched it with his Father's Day gift and are hoping for the package by Saturday. Father's Day tie-dye shirts for Dad & kids goes back to a playgroup project in 2004, led by another mom. We (well, mostly me) did it again in '05, including me and Farli (she got a cotton receiving blanket). We decided to do it again this year for the people anyway.
DS is old enough to help a lot now. He opted for the goggles himself . We've learned that low-quality T-shirts take dye better (go figure) and that smaller sizes are easier (less fabric to get the dye into). DH's is the good quality, extra big gray one and is a bit darker than the picture shows. Still I think the white ones were the most successful. I'm sure he'll love it anyway. --Cindy

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Alene said...

You just started my mouth watering. We get ones from CA and they are never as good as the farm-grown ones back there. Our true summer is about to start too--110 by Friday and only going up from there. The 90's to 103 just don't qualify as summer here, that's just our version of spring. ;)