Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hi Cindy,

I'm excited about the spinning project too but I've got to practice more before I'm ready. Fiber Factory has some really nicely dyed hankies that I need to look through to see if there's one that really floats my boat. They also have some wonderful bombyx top that I've been eyeing too.

DH had a zen retreat today so I had the whole day to myself. The scar on my scalp is finally totally healed up and it was time to get my hair cut and colored. I only ended up getting about 2 inches off the length but with the layering portions were almost 4 inches shorter. It really looks great. During the wait for the dye to set up I got my single sock finished up, just had to kitchner it when I got home. Here are pictures of it from both sides. The leg portion had a regular pattern to it but the heel mixed it up and caused the pooling around the ankle. The foot portion had 8 stitches less than the legs so the color pattern didn't re-establish itself. I carried the stitch pattern down the front of the sock but it doesn't look quite the same.

I am now going to work on DH's socks, at least up to the heel, before starting the second one of mine. Was I working on these when I saw you? I put them down for a while to work on a couple of other things so it's time to get back to them. DH always moans that I've not knit him anything (except a hat that he calls the Robin Hoody). I've got things in progress but haven't finished a project for him. As you can see these are two at a time, toe up. This is my second pair in this style. In some ways they seem to take forever but when you're done that's it, no second sock.

When is your family headed to WA? We are thinking about going to visit DH's friend FG in September in Seattle. We are talking about doing a beach backpack trip but I've got to get in better shape first. FG's girlfriend knits too so I'm hoping she can show me some of the good shops there.

The namesake is as devilish as ever. She saw the little ends I'd cut off after weaving in the long pieces on the sock and had to grab some and carry them off. This was an interruption of her spinning after the floss. She is no longer content to just spin on the floor. She likes to add variations to it. She's tried the back of the couch, the bar stool at the counter and tonight she added the bathtub. She was in there for quite a while and seemed to really enjoy the noise it made. She finally got the floss off and carried it around before deciding it was time for a nap.

Time to get back to the socks. Take care, A


Cindy said...

Love the socks! You were working on the others when you were in WI, and I also love the idea of doing them both at the same time. Think I'll try that with mittens some time.

Alene said...

After finishing my socks and working on DH's my wrists were hurting. I blame it on DH's--slightly smaller needls. But I'll be glad to get them done so I can do my second sock.