Sunday, June 17, 2007

My FO and spinning thoughts

Hey there, what a week! A 2-day biz trip to Mpls for DH, DH's birthday, kindergarten graduation, and Father's Day . . . and a garden where the weeds got a head start :) I managed to sew the suede bottoms on my slippers (crookedly but close enough). I started out with a fancier cotton yarn, but it was too bumpy to pull through easily even with the pre-punched holes so I switched to a smoother yarn for the 2nd one.

Your wheel experience . . .I can relate. It is tricky at the beginning. Maybe the brake band was not set correctly; that can cause problems with insufficient take-up. Some wheels pull the yarn in readily and some you practically have to throw the yarn at! Too much take-up pulls the yarn out of your hand, so finding the right tension takes some experimenting. It is helpful to break the process into steps just like when you start with the spindle, and remember you can't treadle your way out of trouble. Also I found that the more spindle experience I had, the easier the wheel got.

I've been thinking about spinning and our blog a lot and hope to write a lot over the summer! C

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Alene said...

Great looking slippers. I'm toying with the idea of knitting and felting a pair for my BIL. His birthday is a week before mine so I've got 5 months, maybe I can get them done by then ;)